Diagnostic Tests for Urological Problems - Private Urology London

Prostate Scan London:

This service is available at Private Urology London as an outpatient investigation that involves passage of an ultrasound (US) probe up the rectum to look at the prostate gland and assess its texture and take samples (biopsy) when necessary. It also gives a good view of the pair of glands called seminal vesicles located just above and behind the prostate gland, the assessment of which is important in men with ejaculatory problems as well as infertility.

Prostate Biopsies London:

During a prostate scan performed to look at the texture of the gland, if any suspicious areas are noted within the gland; needle samples are taken at the same sitting under local anaesthesia to rule out the possibility of prostate cancer.

Cystoscopy London:

This procedure is available at all sites of Private Urology London. It involves passage of a slender camera of the size of little finger, down the water pipe, to look at the inner lining of the bladder. It is usually done under local anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure but can also be done under sedation/general anaesthesia as a day case.

Bladder Biopsies:

During camera examination of the bladder, if any suspicious areas are seen along the bladder lining, then a small sample (biopsy) of this area using a punch biopsy forceps is taken and sent for pathological examination to rule out sinister problem such as cancer of the bladder.

Testis scan London:

An ultrasound scan (USES) of the testis is a commonly performed test for baseline assessment of any swelling in relation to the testis. It is done as an outpatient using a small probe on the surface of the testis/scrotum and is mainly done to rule out testis cancer apart from making an accurate diagnosis of any scrotal lump before subjecting the patient for surgery provided by Private Urology London at all its sites.

Penile Doppler test London:

This is another form of ultrasound scanning (USES) to assess men with impotence / erectile dysfunction and is done using a small US probe on the surface of the penis with initially the penis at rest and then after inducing artificial erection using an injection into the penis.

MRI Penis London:

This scanning procedure is done as an outpatient with the patient awake and passed into a gantry for half an hour and images are taken to assess degree of penile trauma in suspected cases of penile fracture and also to accurately stage proven cancer of the penis prior to surgery on the penis.

MRI Prostate/Seminal Vesicle London:

This scanning test has become a mandatory investigation in suspected cases of prostate cancer as well as in those with proven cancer for accurate staging of the disease. It has another role to play in investigating men presenting with ejaculatory dysfunction and infertility to rule out ejaculatory duct obstruction that could account for these two presenting symptoms.